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Insurance Tips

1) If you are learner, if you passed driving certificate, then you can reduce the premium amount.
2) If you drive occasionally, travel less, it will help to save money.
3) Pay your insurance in lumb sum rather than monthly.
4) Choose full comprehensive insurance.
5) Check for different types of offers or discounts from insurance agents.
6) Get quotes from different companies before buying insurance.
7) It is advisable to you to insure your home and car with same company.
8) Ticket-free driving record will definitely help you save money on your insurance.
9) Insurance rates vary and depend upon where you live and how far you drive car to and from the source or origin.
10) Pay insurance premiums on time.
11) Review you insurance coverage each year or annually.
12) Keep good credit,as your car insurance rates are based on driving record, claim history, age, location, car model, and credit score.
13) Driving around without car insurance is illegal in most states.
14) Check for minimum state requirement coverage while buying auto insurance.
15) You should always keep a copy of your license, registration, and car insurance policy in your home.
16) One must remember the thing” more you pay at one time, the lower your premiums will be.”
17) If you have multiple vehicles ,it is recommended to you ,to insure all vehicles under the same policy.
18) Paying your premium online using electronic bill pay, credit card, or automatic bank deduction can save billing fees.
19) It is advisable to increase your deductible i.e. amount you pay toward claim.
20) Check on group insurance and corporate discounts.